Smart Home Renovation for Modern Living in Calgary

Are you obsessed with smart home renovations in Calgary and want to build yours? If yes then you should know how to turn your house into a smart home where everything can be controlled through your phone. So, here are eight things to must-have in smart Calgary home renovations

Ways to Make Your Home a Smart Home

Home network

The foundation of a smart home is the interconnectivity of all the electrical equipment with one another. The way to do it is by using a router which you must put in the central location of your house. It is important to make sure every smart device and equipment can connect to the same network. Moreover, since a smart home should also look properly furnished, the routers must be fitted in a secret location as well. 

Smart home interface

Just like a computer has its interface, a smart home also needs to have an interface. It’s a single place to control all your smart home equipment. There are many options for smart home interfaces like voice-based assistants or a complete smart home solution. For example, Google Home, and Alexa are two voice assistant smart speaker hubs. Most of the smart devices come with connectivity support with Alexa and Google Assistant. So, you make them your smart home’s OS by installing devices with their compatibility. 

Smart thermostat

Adding a smart thermostat to the smart home renovations in Calgary is a must. Calgary faces a harsh winter season throughout the year. Hence, it’s important to have a heating system installed. However, since you are building a smart home, there should be a smart thermostat installed. A smart thermostat allows you to set the temperature of different parts of your house with a single touch. Moreover, smart thermostats are also considered environmentally friendly as they save energy by actively monitoring the temperature and working only once if needed.

Smart water heating system 

Now, since you are looking for smart Calgary home renovations, a water heating system is important. In a smart home, it makes no sense to install individual geysers at multiple places. The adequate solution is a central water heating system that can provide warm water to every tap in the house. However, a parallel line of cold water and mixture taps are important as well to maintain the temperature of the water. 

Smart lighting

Even many traditional Calgary home renovations go for smart lighting. So, a smart home should go for it. What does it mean? There are a lot of lighting options for smart home renovations. You can install lights that can be adjusted with the phone to shift the focus or change colors. You can go from a cold theme to a warm one in seconds. Then you also get motion detection lighting options. These lights will open and shut automatically by sensing the motion around them. 

Smart CCTV cameras and door lock setup

Now, there is a need for smart security for your smart home. So you should install a Central CCTV system which allows you to adjust and see any camera view anytime. Moreover, smart door locking and unlocking mechanisms are here too. These mechanisms allow you to look at who’s on your door and even allow you to talk with them while being able to view the visitor’s face. Moreover, you can also lock or unlock the door with just a click. 

Smart windows and blinds

The designs that are mostly chosen for smart home renovations in Calgary have huge windows and balconies. It allows for a good amount of sunlight to come in. However, most of the Windows are covered with glass. So, you have to install something to cover the windows when needed.

There are two smart options to install which are automatic blinds and electrochromic glass. If you want something that comes at a lesser cost, then automatic blinds are a great option. You can fold and unfold them with just a click. Otherwise, if there are no budget issues, then electrochromic glass can be installed which blocks sunlight by turning black with the help of electricity. 

Smart appliances

Lastly, you need smart appliances for your home. There are various options for smart appliances and almost every reputed company has started manufacturing smart devices that can be controlled with Alexa or Google. 

While doing all this, make sure you follow the latest color trends.

Bottom line 

With these smart renovations, your home will become a futuristic place. However, these systems need to be installed by experts to work properly and for a long time. So, only hire the renovation company that has experience building smart homes.