Unveiling the Flooring Trends of 2024: Where Style Meets Function

Are you planning for a home flooring renovation this year? Undoubtedly, floor renovation is something that’s not done very often. Thus, if you are planning to give a makeover to your home flooring in Calgary, then you should take a look at the 2024 flooring trends.

There are many new designs that you can see in 2024 that’ll give your house a totally different look. Moreover, there’ll also be a comeback of many flooring materials, as it’s what happens in the interior design market. So, let’s look at the 2024 flooring trends. You’ll also know how to choose the best flooring material for your house.

Five flooring trends in 2024 to go with

  • Classic Carpets

If you want to give your flooring a more frequent renovation, then you can go with classic carpets, which are having a comeback in 2024. If you love pastel colors, then you will get a lot of them with this flooring option. Moreover, carpets also give your house a more comfy look, which can’t be achieved with other materials like hardwood, tiles, and large-format flooring. The only problem with carpet flooring is that it gets dirty easily, but with modern cleaning solutions, it’s not that of a disadvantage. Also, you can get good heat flow in your house without installing an underfloor heating solution, as these carpets get equally heated.

  • Large Format Flooring

Another option for home flooring in Calgary is large-format flooring. These types of flooring materials are used to provide the floor with an uninterrupted finish. Large format floorings are epoxied over the floor and then polished after installation. However, the flooring renovation of the large format flooring is hard but these flooring options are durable and timeless. So, you can have it in your home for a very long time.

  • Patterned Wood Flooring

In 2024, one of the trends for home flooring in Calgary will be wood flooring. However, rather than the simple wood flooring, the patterned wood flooring will be preferred. There are many patterns, like the zig zag pattern, which looks better than simple wooden flooring. Moreover, the best part is that it doesn’t lose its functionality while being stylish. It means you can still install an underfloor heating system on your floor, and it’ll give you the same results as normal wooden flooring.

  • Stone flooring with an irregular pattern

The 2024 flooring trends will also include stones but with irregular patterns. Yes, regular patterns do look soothing, but irregular patterns will also take place in 2024. The reason is that there are a lot of designs that flooring companies are coming up with, and the designs are very interesting. Even when the flooring designs look irregular, the patterns are created very carefully to look attractive to the human eye. It is one of those considerable options when it comes to home renovation in Calgary in 2024.

  • Natural stone tiles

If you like regular patterns more than irregular ones, then you can use natural stone tiles. It will be among the 2024 flooring trends as it gives a very natural look to the house. Moreover, since the material is actually natural stone, it feels very good to the feet. You can also do the floor renovation easily as it’s not hard to replace them. However, the cost of these stone tiles is expensive. But looking at the durability of the product, it is worth its cost. Also, the look of these tiles is really good, which is why it’s a timeless design. So you will not have to worry about your flooring going off-trend very early. Moreover, these tiles also work well as heating solutions.

How to choose the best flooring material for your house?

To choose the best flooring material you should look at some factors like cost, installation process, and durability. However, one thing that should be common in your flooring material options list is a timeless design so that it doesn’t get old very quickly.

All the above-mentioned options are timeless and will remain relevant to the trend for a very long time. Now, you should first consider the budget or cost of the flooring renovation. If you have a good budget, then you should go for more durable and good-looking options like natural stone tiles and patterned wooden flooring. However, if your budget is low, then you can use carpet.

You should also consider the underfloor heating system compatibility as Calgary go through very rough, cold weather. Wooden Flooring, Natural stone tile, and irregular patterned tiles are great for underfloor heating systems. Lastly, if you love colorful flooring, then you can go with pastel coloured carpets as they look really good and eye-warming. Also, they provide a very soft walking experience.


These are the options that you can go with for your flooring renovation in 2024. These 2024 flooring trends will remain in trend for a very long time. Also, some of these designs keep coming back every few years. So, you can choose these materials without having a second thought. Lastly, you should choose the material very carefully after considering your budget, likes, and dislikes.