The Role of Underlayment in Calgary Flooring Installations

In any house or building, the structures and things that provide strength to the building are often overlooked. The reason is that these things are mostly hidden under the more appealing and attractive materials like tiles. The same is the case with underlayment, which provides strength to your floor while being under the flooring material. It is also one of the materials to go with every floor trend. So, let’s understand what’s underlayment, its role in flooring installation in Calgary, and how to choose a. underlayment material for your floor. 

What is underlayment?

As the name refers, underlayment is the process of laying down a more rigid and durable material under the topmost flooring that you can walk on. It is laid before the flooring installation in Calgary is done. While the underlay doesn’t add any value to the aesthetics of the house, it’s very important for the longevity and durability of the floor. So, if you want your floor to run for a longer period, it’s important to do underlayment while flooring installation for your home. 

What is the role of underlayment? 

Now as you just learned, underlayment is important for the long run of a floor; let’s understand how exactly it supports the floor for the long run. 

Here are some of the benefits or roles of underlayment:

  • Protection against moisture

Firstly, the underlay works as an extra layer of protection between the ground and the topmost flooring material. So, it directly saves your flooring material from catching moisture. For many Flooring materials like vinyl, laminates, and even tiles, moisture is like termites that will decay the material slowly. So, that’s why you should have a layer of underlay between your flooring and the ground. 

  • Perfectly leveled floor

It’s a task in itself to perfectly level the floor. The reason is the imperfections of the ground which makes it almost impossible to make your floor properly leveled. However, with underlayment, you can get a near-perfect levelled floor as it fills all the gaps and cracks, making the surface even everywhere. 

  • Proper insulation

Temperature always becomes a factor when you have to choose the material for flooring installation in Calgary. The reason is that the temperature in Calgary mostly remains very low, so it’s important to choose a material that can keep the floor unaffected by the outdoor temperature. So, if you add the cost of underlay to the flooring renovation cost, you’ll get even better results. Underlayment provides proper insulation from outside temperatures. So, your floor remains at a higher temperature than outside. 

  • Sound damping

Many underlayment materials provide good sound insulation. It means if you want your floor to keep quiet while someone is jumping on it, then you should add the underlayment.

What are the types of underlayments? 

Many types of underlayment materials come with their unique abilities and qualities. Below are some of the underlayment materials that you can consider during the flooring installation. 

  • Foam underlayment

Foam underlayment is a soft underlay option. It is a good underlay material if your flooring material is laminate or other wooden flooring. It’s a great option from the perspective of the cost as well because it doesn’t add a lot to your floor renovation cost. However, there should be a concrete base beneath the foam underlayment. 

  • Rubber Underlayment

If your purpose is to get strength along with noise reduction, then rubber Underlayment is best. One thing that is relevant about this material is that it goes with a lot of flooring materials. You can combine it with laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and even tiles. 

  • Cork underlayment

If the area that you live in has a risk of natural moulding, then cork underlayment is the best option. Moreover, the sound-damping quality of the cork is also very good. Additionally, it is an eco-friendly option for underlay as well. The flooring options which are with cork underlayment are hardwood, laminate and engineered wooden flooring. 

Final Words

Underlayment is an important part of construction, especially for flooring installation in Calgary. You should make sure that you are choosing a good material for your underlayment according to your specific needs. Moreover, another important thing is to hire professional flooring installation experts so that it doesn’t look imperfect.